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If you're like me, when you're writing or roleplaying, you've probably wanted to plan out your setting, characters, items, etc. Sure, it's fun to do things by the seat of your pants sometimes, but a little planning also goes a long way.

In my spare time, I've made a bunch of templates so that I can flesh out my ideas. I've put them here so that you can use them in your projects as well. The templates are in the form of PowerPoint presentations because they convert to PDF more accurately than Excel or Word. I have also included a blank PDF if you would rather fill it in by hand or if you don't have access to PowerPoint.

A note about the questions included in these templates: I have derived the majority of these questions from reading various books and articles about worldbuilding and writing. I drew a lot of inspiration from Orson Scott Card's How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy, the Writing Excuses Podcast, and Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions by Patricia C. Wrede. I strongly suggest that anyone interested in worldbuilding in a fantasy setting read Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions which can be accessed for free at her website. Another great website you can try is Springhole.

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