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A steep, stony island sits alone in the water in front of a few small clouds.  The area is shrouded in purple light.


Two children open a forbidden door under the stairs... A barkeep shuts his doors one night every year for a special party... Do you really know the Muffin Man... A boy's chance to save the world rests in the hands of a dismissive pterodactyl... Big troubles come to a wizard when he loses his hat... A former police officer decides to face the events of his past... A woman's relationship with her husband causes her to face a disturbing truth... A time when the end is really the beginning... The short story collection "Under the Stairs" was an idea born in response to Flash Fiction Month on a popular art and literature website. This collection contains 20 stories of various genres written by authors from around the world. Each story is under 2000 words in length and is sure to keep the reader entertained.


It can be purchased in several different formats from the following websites:

Divertr Publishing website
Barnes and Noble
The Book Depository

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